Discover, test, participate

What you have missed in 2017

Test tracks for bikes: All exhibited bikes at Bike Brussels can be tested on an indoor and outdoor track.

Kidz on wheelz: A test track reserved for youngsters between 5 and 14 years with obstacles, BMX pump tracks, rolls …


Beau vélo de RAVel : All the participants of the “Beau vélo de RAVel” on the 17th of September have held a stop at bike Brussels. So, we had a Great party on Sunday afternoon!


Rare Cycles: non-profit association “Cyclo” comes with crazy bikes (reverse steering, heavenly saddles …) that can be tested.

Cycle chic: “Fietsersbond” will make portraits of cyclists with their bicycle. Everybody can be photographed according to the enchanting Danish concept Cycle chic.


Cycle In Cinema:
For the 25th anniversary of Pro Velo, a short film performance is provided, energetically driven by cyclists on the spot!

Guided cycling tours: Pro Velo guides Brussels and non-Brussels people through the nicest and most secret corners of the city. Do not miss!

One bicycle parade a day: On Friday, the Roller Bike Parade opens the dance. On Saturday, Pro Velo launches the cargo bike-parade towards the cargo bike party, organized by Cycloperativa. A walk around the 200th anniversary of the bicycle, will cross the city on the “Sunday without cars” in Brussels. Finally, Monday is a cycling tour, reserved for students from schools located in the 19 municipalities of Brussels. These will occupy the greatest avenues of the city for a great part of the morning.

Nocturne on Friday September 15th: On Friday, Bike Brussels stays open until 21:00. Drink, DJ, short film shows …