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Finally, a high-visibility vest with which you will want to brave the traffic!

Do you think high-visibility vests are ugly? The Belgian Julie Vets (31) proves the opposite with ‘gofluo’, unique, reflective clothing to move through traffic in style.


The vests have a fashionable fit, trendy colours, handy fastenings, and are an addition to our daily clothing style. You can be seen from a distance of 150 metres and the vests meet European standards. Seeing and being seen is the goal and gofluo proves that it can also be done in a stylish way!

Available in sizes ranging from 2 years to adult.


Julie Vets is not only a fashion designer but also a mother of three young children. She has received many enthusiastic reactions to her collection from other parents. “They tell me that they no longer have to force their children to wear reflective vests on their way to school. Mission accomplished.”


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