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Ahooga Bike

Straat + nr.259 Avenue Louise
Gemeente1050 Bruxelles
Telefoon02 223 66 78
OmschrijvingThe multi-award winning Ahooga Hybrid Bike is the world's first electric-yet-hyperlightweight, folding-yet-highly-efficient bike. Folding, thus intermodal. For better cities, better lives. This unique combination of features is punctuated with a hinge-free stiff and durable frame, a sleek and elegant design, plus an availability in 215 colors. Unlike most e-bikes, when the assistance is off, it remains a lightweight hybrid bicycle, easy and fun to ride, making the autonomy range a stretchable pa
Producten/ ActiviteitenFolding Bike, Folding Electric Bikes
MerkenAhooga Bike