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Ampler Bikes GmbH

Rue + n°Yorckstraße 27
Localité10965 Berlin
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Ampler — The Ride is Yours! 
Ampler is a light electric bike for everyone who seeks freedom and adventure in their daily routines and commutes. No heavy batteries, bulky screens or other clutter. We combine modern technology with a traditional bicycle design to make pedalling easier, lighter and faster.

Superpowers hidden in a lightweight city bike
Ampler e-bike offers all the advantages of a classic bicycle: it is clean, lightweight and free of unnecessary frills. The battery is integrated into the frame and the motor is practically invisible. This keeps Ampler bikes just as light as ordinary city bicycles: the ultralight Curt weighs 13.4 kg and the Stout and Stellar weighs 17.1 kg.

Dynamic motor support
Cycling with an Ampler feels safe and smooth. The bikes are equipped with a smart torque sensor that amplifies your input in real-time. There’s no need to constantly switch between the assist modes — the motor supports you with exactly the power you need.

Smart firmware updates delivered over-the-air
Every time when a new version of the bike firmware is released, you can update your bike to the latest improved functions via the Ampler mobile app. This guarantees the best possible cycling experience with Ampler even years after the purchase.